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This is for the Gold Label Barbie Signature 'Stripes HBC' doll, new in box.

To Note: Although new, the box does have some marks and scrapes. Please see the images. It came to me in the protective plastic sealed bag and I have left it on.

If you have any questions or need further details then please contact us

Mattel product #GHT68

These items are not suitable for children under three due to small parts.

Please be aware that I may not detail every aspect of this item that is important to you, so if there is something specific you need more information about then please contact us by email or through the contact page.


Barbie® celebrates HBC’s 350 years of adventure! From humble beginnings as an outpost beyond the mapped world to a leading international retailer, HBC is 350 years old, making it the oldest company in North America. HBC Stripes Barbie® doll pays homage to the company’s original adventurers and the astonishing Canadian wilderness that continues to present staggering challenges and endless wonder. Embracing the time-honored Hudson’s Bay Multistripe Point Blanket, Barbie® doll is proudly sporting a versatile puffer jacket, belt bag, matching hiking boots and paddle bearing the iconic stripes. She is ready to embark upon a journey of discovery, seizing all of life’s adventures no matter how big or small. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Label: Gold Label®

Designer: Carlyle Nuera

Release Date: 9/28/2020

Included with doll: Toque, sunglasses, shirt, jacket, bag, pants, paddle, shoes, doll stand

Eyelashes: Painted

Fashion: Puffer jacket, belt bag, matching hiking boots

Fashion Sewn On?: No

Body Type:Articulated Original

Doll Stand: Yes

Facial sculpt:June

Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 13" x 3" x 8" (Mattel Product Information).

Barbie Signature (2020) - Gold Label 'Stripes HBC' Doll, New In Box #GHT68

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