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The Doll Emporium is a small family business.

We started buying and selling toys and dolls on eBay in 2015 and still have a strong presence in this forum with a consistent 100% positive feedback rating. If you want to check us out on eBay then just search 'The Doll Emporium 1' in eBay shops.

In 2023 we decided to branch out independently and start selling our higher quality (and often rarer) fashion dolls and their items through our own website.

As a small business we rely on repeat business and this can only happen with happy customers. Making sure you are 100% happy is the sole aim of our business mantra.

This is why we don't rely on stock photos to showcase our products, the picture you see is the item that will be sent to you. Any defects will be stated in the item description so please make sure you read these and carefully study the photos to ensure you are happy with the items you wish to buy.

As collectors we would never knowingly send out an item we would not be happy to receive.

However, if you have any issues or even just a question then please don't hesitate to contact us at or use the contact form available on the contact page.

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